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Craftspace: Creativity, Community and Crafts


CEO and Founder of Craftspace Amy, and manager Sarah, met through the power of Facebook and our local Social Collective! Sarah, taking a chance putting her dream out on a Facebook poll soon met Amy through the same poll. It was meant to be!  These two women, with a passion for crafting and an entrepreneurial  background, built Craftspace to build on the strong artistic community that Loudoun and Fairfax County have and to share crafting resources with other like-minded people. 

Craftspace is dedicated to creativity, fun and community. We offer a large workspace with ample amount of supplies to explore a variety of crafting mediums including scrapbooking, painting, stamping, beading, and specialty crafts such as laser engraving, and more. We welcome craft-minded individuals, either solo or with a group, to use our supplies or bring your own. If you have a love for crafting and need a place to work or gather, we invite you to visit. 

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