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Making a Necklace

Basic Tools

Our basic tools include: Basic paints & paintbrushes, Basic stamps & ink pads, Glue gun, Heat gun, Basic sewing machine, Basic embosser & dies, Basic Cricut & tools, Beading supplies & tools, Scissors/xacto knives, Markers/pens/colored pencils/crayons, Adhesive & glues, Tape & Washi tape, Glitter, Paper cutter (manual), Assorted ribbon pieces, Assorted vinyl pieces, Iron & ironing board, Rotary cutter, Staple gun, Light table, Fabric paint, Basic stencils, Paper punches and scrapbooking supplies, Metal stamping tools, Foil stamping, Dremel tool, Laminator (supplies extra), Printer (laser & inkjet).

Sign up to use Basic Tools HERE.

Premium Tools

Our premium tools include our Glowforge Pro and our X-Carve. Both powerful machines they will elevate any project!

Contact us to sign up to use Premium Tools.

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